Welcome to the free & complete Angular Tutorial. Learning Angular is hard sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be.

I struggled bit during initial days of learning as there were no detailed tutorials available on Internet (except official Angular documentation), so decided to write simple and uber articles on Angular and contribute to the community.

This post is all about Introduction to Angular and it is the first step to Angular learning. And don’t forget this is one of the very first article of 150+ articles I am going to write on Angular.

Below questions will be answered at the end of this post:

  1. What is Angular?
  2. Why Angular?
  3. AngularJS vs Angular

Let’s begin the journey.

What is Angular? – Quick Introduction

  • Angular is a platform and framework for developing client applications using HTML & Typescript.
  • Angular is not just a library, it also provides a skeleton for creating client applications.
  • Angular is based on TypeScript so we shouldn’t call it JavaScript framework.
  • A complete framework for developing Single Page Applications, developed & maintained by Google.

Why Angular?

  • It helps in developing apps that run across all platforms – Web, Mobile Web, Native Mobile and Native Desktop. One App that runs across all platforms.
  • Data binding is such an easy thing in Angular – One way binding / Two way binding. We will learn a lot about it in coming articles.
  • Speed & Performance can be achieved with other libraries like RxJS in addition to Angular.
  • It is a more streamlined framework that focuses on building applications as Classes using TypeScript.
  • And above all of the aforementioned pointers, Angular is from Google so it is well maintained and new features keep coming in every release.

AngularJS vs Angular

AngularJS Angular
Language Written in JavaScript Based on TypeScript
Architecture Uses concept of Scope and Controllers. Uses hierarchy of components.
Module, Controller (or) Service implementation As functions As classes
Modular System AngularJS’s Modules ES6 Modules
Transpiler required? No Required